Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer wheel alignments?

Yes – our staff are equipped to offer full wheel alignment / balancing services right in our shop.

What kind of replacement parts do you use?

We always use premium parts that meet or exceed OEM quality and offer a nationwide warranty on most parts we install.

If my vehicle is still under warranty, can I bring it in for service without voiding my warranty?

Yes you can, as we use parts that meet or exceed OEM quality.

What should I do if my “check engine” light is on?

In most cases, an engine light is not a serious issue but diagnosing it early can help prevent a small issue from becoming bigger.  If your engine light is flashing, you should have the issue diagnosed immediately.  We will scan your computer, diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs to correct it.

What do I do about noisy breaks?

There are a number of reasons brakes might squeak, but if they frequently squeak, you may just need new brake pads and/or rotors – which we can help with!

What do I do if my vehicle is overheating?

Overheating is a serious problem as it can damage your engine. If your vehicle is overheating, pull over and call a tow truck. Bring it in to Hawkrigg, and we’ll get to the bottom of what’s causing this issue.

Do your parts come with a guarantee?

We offer a nationwide parts guarantee on quality and service with most of the parts we install.

How do I bring my vehicle in for service or repairs?

If you want to bring your vehicle in, give us a call at 705-732-2456.

Do you install winter tires?

We sure do! We sell and install a wide range of winter and summer tires. Click here to see what brands we offer and give us a call at 705-732-2456 to book your appointment today.

What automotive services does Hawkrigg offer?

For a full list of the auto services we provide, visit our Automotive Services page.

How do I know what tires I need if I need new tires?

Leave it to us! Our experts will know just what kind of tire is best suited to your vehicle.

We’ve been providing Party Sound & Muskoka with leading automotive service, as well as new tires and rims since 1992.

Automotive Services Tires & Rims

  • We can’t thank Hawkrigg Auto Service enough! We were on vacation in Canada and our exhaust and radiator started leaking. Within hours they were able to fix the problems and get us back on the road! Customer service at its best! A+

    Eve Elliott-McCance
  • What a team! Excellent customer service and patience. I require an automotive business that has my back! This business takes great care! The extras they provide are outstanding. Always professional, reasonably priced and efficient!

    Laurie McDonald
  • I wasn't sure what to expect and with an old car and never having been to this garage I was a bit worried. They fixed my car quickly, understood I was on my way to the cottage and even got the parts that day, saved my weekend!

    James Shaw
  • Honest and reliable service. Thanks to Ryan and his crew for taking care of my automotive needs. Highly recommended!


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